Jerome Liberty


Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Peter

Leadership lessons from the life of Peter” by Jerome Liberty offers sound and practical advice on how to achieve one’s divine destiny as a leader. Jerome Liberty’s book blends smart practice with the intelligent articulation of how to get the journey started. “Leadership lessons from the life of Peter” lays out a simple step-by-step process by which anyone can discover, develop and demonstrate their leadership potential. The art of effectively leading and planning ahead is often overwhelmed by the mundane and routine pressures of life. This book will empower you to avoid the mistakes of this great disciple, whilst also enabling you to learn from those very mistakes. Jerome Liberty has penned an easy to read, practical and challenging book. He has succeeded in teasing out the complicated aspects of Peter’s character and depicted them in a simplistic manner that allows us to learn from this close companion of Jesus. If you are serious about your role as a leader, or that of those who serve on your team, this book should be read. This book is recommended as a reference for those who wish to lead and live a lasting legacy.